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We supply, install, monitor and process a full package of IoT sensors including soil moisture probes, rain gauges, weather stations, canopy sensors, flow meters and EC sensors.

This combines with our industry leading software we save farmers time and money by processing all the information onto our easy to use platform in real time to your mobile of computer giving you a 7 day irrigation forecast in mm or p/h.

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Our Expert Irrigation Specialists are here to help you make sure you apply the water you need to maximise growth and yield, without over or under irrigating and increasing operating costs or risking crop stress and yield.

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In a market filled with singular products and piecemeal services, Schedule-It offers a refreshingly comprehensive solution for managing your irrigation scheduling.

Have a look what makes Schedule-it Stand Out.

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We offer a world class smart irrigation monitoring and scheduling platform, industry lead software, hardware, combined with our commitment to world class irrigation scheduling service.


Scott Jewell from Jewell Farming in Finley NSW discusses using the Schedule-it system and how it is a minimum investment to save money.

James Nixon, Oaklands discusses using Schedule-It and his experiences with the system.

Ian Cocking farms at Hopefield NSW and talks about Schedule-It and the impact it’s had.

Murray Urquhart, Finley NSW discusses the impact Schedule-It has had on his irrigation.

Scott Vaessen shares his experience integrating Schedule-it’s cutting-edge moisture monitoring technology.