About Schedule-it

Schedule-it is an irrigation scheduling company that specialises in the monitoring, scheduling, and advisory services of broadacre and horticultural on farm irrigation.

We supply, install, maintain a top range of in-field Agtech irrigation monitoring sensors including soil moisture probes, connectivity, smart rain gauges, weather station, dam sensors, flow meters etc for the broadacre and horticultural farming industry. Data is collected in real-time and processed by our industry leading software, monitored by our irrigation specialists, and displayed in real-time on your phone or PC.

Our unique irrigation scheduling advisory service gives you a 7-day irrigation scheduling forecast in mm or hours to your phone in real time based on all the info collected on farm from the infield sensors and ground truthing tech team. We make sure plants/trees and soil are healthy, water usage is optimised, and yield and efficiency improved.

We make Every Drop Count.

We are also able to integrate or upgrade your hardware to slot into our system making your irrigation decisions easy and accurate.

Schedule It
Irrigation Scheduling Experts

Address: 10 James Court, Finley, NSW. Australia

Brett: 0456 579 171
Email: admin@schedule-it.com.au
Email: brett@schedule-it.com.au