On Farm Connectivity Program

On Farm Connectivity Program

Receive rebates on Schedule-it products with this grant.
Schedule-it is an approved supplier to the On Farm Connectivity Program.

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On Farm Connectivity Program

Eligibility Details

Primary producers Requirements

  • A registered business and ABN
  • Annual average pre-tax income from primary production between $40000 and $2 million.
  • An eligible primary production activity

Grant Value

  • Up to 50% of the cost of eligible equipment
  • Minimum rebate amount: $3000
  • Maximum rebate amount: $30,000

How to Apply

  1. Make contact with Schedule-it to discuss your needs
  2. We submit the rebate application
  3. We send you a link to complete the 1 page application
  4. Application is reviewed/approved
  5. If approved you pay 50% of the invoice and we apply for the rebate
  6. We install your units.

Make Contact

Eligible Schedule-it Products

Schedule-it offers distinctly developed software combined with IoT sensor packages and specialized irrigation scheduling service.

As a Program Partner, Schedule-it supplies, installs and supports all products available through the On Farm Connectivity Program.

Use your grant for something that will make a real difference on your farm. An AGTECH solution that tells you what to irrigate in mm or h in realtime to your phone or PC. A solution that gives you, the farmer the answer and saves you time and money while optimising yield.

Soil Moisture Solution

(broadacre or Horticulture)

This package is our most economic package and a great way to get information about the soil moisture in your orchard or broadacre cropping.


Broadacre Solution

This package offers broadacre farmers, spray and flood, the most accurate and complete package for all broadacre cropping including cotton, wheat, canola, corn etc.


Horticulture Solution

This package offers horticulture growers the most accurate and comprehensive package for trees and vineyards.


Schedule-it Smart Rain Bucket

SMART Rain Bucket

This package is ideal for the farmer wanting to monitor real-time rainfall data, rainfall location data and historic rainfall data.


Weather Station

This package is ideal for the farmer wanting to monitor realtime weather, rainfall, temperature, humidity, VPD, ETo and Delta T, wind speed and direction and spraydrift management in remote areas.


Outpost Weather

Mini Weather Station

This package is ideal for the farmer wanting to monitor and record rainfall, temperature, and humidity in remote areas.


Soil Moisture Probes

Soil Moisture Probes

The soil moisture probes are crucial for measuring soil water content and soil temperature. These probes have 6 sensors at various depths to accurately detect soil’s electrical properties, aiding decisions on irrigation, crop management, and water conservation.

Canopy Sensors (temp/humidity)

Canopy Sensors (temp/humidity)

The Canopy Sensor or micro climate sensor calculates Vapour Pressure Deficit (VPD) in the tree canopy. It detects high VPD and cold temperatures, helping prevent plant stress and frost damage.

Screenshot 2023-11-10 at 00-27-17 Schedule-it-Weather-Station-2.png (PNG Image 1200 × 1200 pixels)

Telemetry/connectivity unit

This robust connectivity solution has multiple sensor connection options and takes readings from all its plugins and transmits the information via mobile data to our platform.

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