Schedule-it Horticulture Upgrade

This package is for the horticulture grower that already has a soil moisture probe but wants to upgrade to a more accurate and comprehensive package.

With this package you will receive the information from your infield sensors on our easy to use platform with all information processed into a 7 day irrigation forecast in mm or h to your phone or PC. Other information displayed includes growing degree days, rain fall, spray conditions, weather forecast, season reports, real-time infield delta T, soil moisture and temperature at multiple depths etc.

This set includes

  • 1 x canopy sensor
  • 1 x telemetry unit
  • 1 x solar panel with rechargeable batteries
  • 1 x EC sensor
  • 1 x inline flow meter
  • Software
  • Dashboard
  • Irrigation scheduling service
  • Regular farms visits and maintenance

An industry leading platform/dashboard managed by our irrigation experts providing the grower with an irrigation scheduling service that gives you a 7 day irrigation forecast in real time to your phone or computer in mm or h.

Hardware is installed and maintained by our skilled technicians.

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At schedule-it we assemble all our IoT units at our warehouse in NSW. This gives us the flexibility to customise a solution for your farm.