Schedule-it Irrigation Scheduling Software Platform

Schedule-it Integrated Dashboard

Irrigation Scheduling Software Platform

This package is ideal for a grower that already has existing infield soil moisture probes, telemetry and/or other IoT sensors.

The package includes our industry leading dashboard that brings together and processes a range of information from your infield sensors already on farm.

The information from your IoT sensors is used buy our industry leading software and irrigation specialists to process and bring together a 7 day irrigation scheduling forecast in mm or h to your phone or PC with our industry leading platform/dashboard.

Schedule-it Irrigation Scheduling Software Platform

Other information that can be displayed and processed if all in field sensors are available includes

  • soil moisture and temperature at various depths
  • real time infield delta T
  • season reports
  • auger reports
  • weather forecast
  • rainfall
  • spray condition forecast
  • irrigation flow rate
  • fertigation rate and volume
  • etc

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At schedule-it we assemble all our IoT units at our warehouse in NSW. This gives us the flexibility to customise a solution for your farm.