Schedule-it Irrigation Scheduling Products

Schedule-it Products

Schedule-it offers distinctly developed software combined with IoT sensor packages and specialized irrigation scheduling service.

We supply, install, monitor and process your irrigation scheduling information in real time directly to your mobile device or desktop computer making irrigating a simple accurate decision so you can concentrate on all the other jobs on farm.

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All our units are serviced and maintained regularly by our trained technicians.

Schedule-it Soil Moisture Solution (broadacre or Horticulture)

Soil Moisture Solution

(broadacre or Horticulture)

This package is our most economic package and a great way to get information about the soil moisture in your orchard or broadacre cropping.


Schedule-it Broadacre Solution

Broadacre Solution

This package offers broadacre farmers, spray and flood, the most accurate and complete package for all broadacre cropping including cotton, wheat, canola, corn etc.


Schedule-it Horticulture Solution

Horticulture Solution

This package offers horticulture growers the most accurate and comprehensive package for trees and vineyards.


Schedule-it Horticulture Upgrade

Horticulture Upgrade

This package is for the horticulture grower that already has a soil moisture probe but wants to upgrade to a more accurate and comprehensive package.


Schedule-it Horticultural Expert Solution

Horticultural Expert Solution

This package offers an expert horticultural solution with the inclusion of a precise dendrometer sensor for measuring the growth of fruit.


Schedule-it Outpost Weather

Outpost Weather

Mini Weather Station

This package is ideal for the farmer wanting to monitor and record rainfall, temperature, and humidity in remote areas.


Schedule-it Smart Rain Bucket

SMART Rain Bucket

This package is ideal for the farmer wanting to monitor real-time rainfall data, rainfall location data and historic rainfall data.


Schedule-it Weather Station

Weather Station

This package is ideal for the farmer wanting to monitor realtime weather, rainfall, temperature, humidity, VPD, ETo and Delta T, wind speed and direction and spraydrift management in remote areas.


Schedule-it Irrigation Scheduling Software Platform

Integrated Dashboard

Irrigation Scheduling Software Platform

This package is ideal for a grower that already has existing infield soil moisture probes, telemetry and/or other IoT sensors.


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In a market filled with singular products and piecemeal services, Schedule-It offers a refreshingly comprehensive solution for managing your irrigation scheduling. Have a look what makes Schedule-it Stand Out.

Compare our products and find the best solution for your needs.

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At schedule-it we assemble all our IoT units at our warehouse in NSW. This gives us the flexibility to customise a solution for your farm.