Schedule-it Smart Rain Bucket

Schedule-it SMART Rain Bucket

Real-time rainfall data to your phone.

This package is ideal for the farmer wanting to monitor real-time rainfall data, rainfall location data and historic rainfall data.

Information is available on the dashboard to your phone or PC in real time.

Schedule-it Smart Rain Bucket

This package includes

A professional and rugged weather station with a versatile sensor suite including

  • SMART Rain Bucket
  • Canopy sensor
  • Telemetry
  • Solar panel and batteries
  • Dashboard

The Smart Rain Bucket is the ultimate solution for farmers seeking to conquer the challenges of unpredictable rainfall. This innovative tool empowers you with real-time data and insights, enabling you to make informed decisions and optimize your farming operations like never before. With its cutting-edge technology, the Smart Rain Bucket delivers accurate and up-to-the-minute rainfall data straight to your phone. Say goodbye to the guesswork and stay one step ahead of the weather. Plan smarter, irrigate efficiently, and maximize your yields with confidence.

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At schedule-it we assemble all our IoT units at our warehouse in NSW. This gives us the flexibility to customise a solution for your farm.