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farm management tools farm management tools

Enhancing Farm Management: Smart Irrigation, Sustainability and Data Analysis in Australia

POSTED ON: May 17, 2023 IN News by Marcelle Orwin

Farm management plays a crucial role in the Australian agricultural sector, driving productivity and efficiency. This article explores the significance of farm management in optimizing irrigation, water usage, and leveraging data analysis for informed decision-making. Discover practical insights and strategies to enhance your farm management practices and achieve sustainable success.

Understanding Farm Management for Efficient Irrigation:

Irrigation is a key part of agricultural production in Australia due to the aridity of the country. Around 23% of the total gross value of agricultural commodities are irrigated production. Efficient irrigation is therefore a cornerstone of effective farm management. Todays farmers face so many variables outside of their control with every season a race to produce more, optimizing water usage while facing changes in weather, limited availability of skilled labour and increased energy costs. This is where one of the great tools of farm management comes into play i.e. Irrigation management. Irrigation management is defined as the decision process and action of applying a chosen depth and quantity of water using a chosen application method at a chosen time to achieve defined agronomic and economic objectives. In a nutshell irrigation management = an effective irrigation plan or scheduling forecast.

Leveraging Data Analysis for Informed Farm Management Decisions:

In the digital age, data analysis has revolutionized farm management. Uncover the power of data in informing critical decisions. Discover how to collect and analyze data on weather patterns, soil moisture levels, and crop yields to optimize irrigation practices. Leverage insights gained from data analysis to fine-tune operations, enhance productivity, and improve overall farm performance.

Integrating Farm Management Tools for Streamlined Operations:

Discover cutting-edge farm management tools that streamline operations and improve efficiency. Explore integrated systems that combine advanced hardware, such as sensors and irrigation controllers, with powerful software solutions. Learn how these tools empower you to schedule irrigation effectively, monitor real-time conditions, and make data-backed decisions for maximum productivity.

What should a good irrigation plan/schedule take into account:

Knowing the water status of your fields is essential to define the water needs of your crops according to the phenological stage and your crop management. This combined with your soil type, irrigation system parameters, soil moisture monitoring and weather factors are all used to set up a irrigation schedule which is an invaluable tool for irrigation management. One of these tools includes a irrigation scheduling forecast
that sets out the frequency and volume of water necessary to optimize water usage and crop health. This forecast is most useful if it includes at least a 7 day forecast in mm for broad acre cropping and h for orchards and vineyard to irrigate. Irrigation forecasts giving exact values in mm or hour saves time and ensures accuracy and efficiency.

The Benefits of Advanced Farm and Irrigation Management:

Drawing inspiration from successful case studies, gain valuable insights into how Australian farmers have transformed their operations through smart farm and irrigation management practices. Learn from their experiences in implementing advanced irrigation monitoring and forecasting techniques and data-driven decision-making. Apply these lessons to your own farm management approach for improved outcomes.

Farm management lies at the heart of agricultural success in Australia. By prioritizing smart irrigation practices, data analysis and the use of effective, accurate irrigation scheduling programs, you can enhance productivity, reduce costs, and contribute to sustainability. For more information about Schedule-it’s irrigation management tools, capturing and analysis please contact us at 0456 579 171 or send us an e-mail on