How Our Team Uses Data to Make Your Farming Easier
How Our Team Uses Data to Make Your Farming Easier How Our Team Uses Data to Make Your Farming Easier

Why On Farm Data Collection Makes Farming Easier And More Accurate.

POSTED ON: April 6, 2023 IN News by Marcelle Orwin

Have you ever wondered why there’s so much talk about collecting data in farming these days? It seems like every company is offering a product that collects masses of data, but not all data is helpful or useful.

At Schedule-it, we collect infield data which our irrigation specialists process in real-time to give you a 7-day irrigation schedule forecast that’s easy to manage and follow. This irrigation schedule takes all the guesswork out of irrigating and ensures that you’re using water efficiently.

But why do we need all this equipment? The different ioT sensors and equipment ensure that the data we upload is accurate, reliable, and in real-time. Our tech team also plays a crucial role in making sure equipment stays accurate and if alerts are received that units are fixed ASAP. This can be as simple as a fox chewing through a cable of a soil moisture probe or a parrot eating off an antenna. These simple malfunctions can cause data to be incorrect and lead to incorrect irrigation schedules or season reports.

With our team of experts, you don’t have to worry about managing all the data yourself. We take care of everything and provide you with the most accurate irrigation schedule possible, based on real-time data from your fields. We make farming easier and more efficient, so you can focus on growing your crops and running your business.

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