Schedule-it Product Q&A Horticulture
Schedule-it Product Q&A Horticulture Schedule-it Product Q&A Horticulture

Q&A Horticulture Solution: The most accurate and comprehensive package for trees and vineyards.

POSTED ON: January 17, 2023 IN News, Product Reviews by laurence

What is the Irrigation Scheduling Horticulture Solution?

This unit is for farmers in horticulture and viticulture. The horticulture solution is suitable for drip and sprinkler irrigation. With this unit you will save time while optimizing water usage and maximizing yield with accurate data making accurate decisions possible for everyone.

What does this unit consist of?

The Schedule-it Horticulture solution consists of a 80cm soil moisture probe with 6 depth sensors, a canopy sensor, a telemetry/connectivity unit, inline flow meter and inline ec. It also includes the software and dashboard where all the data is processed and displayed alongside our unique irrigation scheduling service.

How does the Horticulture Solution help you?

Our horticulture unit will make irrigating on any farm a simple accurate decision saving you time. It’s as simple as that. Our team comes out to your farm, installs, and sets you up and within a few weeks your system is calibrated, and you will receive your real-time 7-day irrigation recommendation forecast in hours directly to your phone or PC.

We take all that incoming data and process it into an easy, simple to use forecast in hours to your phone or computer. One look and you know how many hours to set your irrigation on for the day and move to the next job. You can also view your fertigation application rate and duration, irrigation flow rate, irrigation volume applied, chill units and much more in real-time on your phone or PC. The data is recorded and can be view at any time including season reports and much more

What can I view on the Dashboard?

Our easy-to-use dashboard has all the info and background data you need including the 7-day irrigation recommendation in hours, real time weather forecast, rainfall, growing degrees days, soil moisture and temperature at various depths, VPD, spray conditions, fertigation application rate, irrigation flow rate, soil auger reports, season reports and much more. It will all be there when you have time to look at it today or at the end of the season.

We aim to put everyone on the same page.

Can my agronomist access this data?

All our data is available on our dashboard. We work hand in hand with agronomists and with permission from the farmer, agronomists are given full access to the data including irrigation forecasts, rainfall, weather or humidity alerts, season reports and much more directly to their phone or PC in real time. We welcome input from all decision makers and want our system to make everyone’s life simpler and easier with accurate, consistent, real-time information.

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